If you're wondering...

  • Is it really God’s will for my life to have a business?

  • Can I be a great mom and build a business at the same time?

  • Will the pursuit of building wealth make me selfish?

  • Will building a business get in the way of my priorities? 

  • Can I really get over procrastination and actually get things done?

  • Will my home always look like a disaster if I choose to pursue a business? 

  • Will my marriage suffer if I grow my business?

  • Can I start or grow a business while NOT sacrificing faith, family, or what matters most to me?


Join Lisa Canning, bestselling author of The Possibility Mom (as seen on Today, Hallmark Home and Family and NYTimes) and many other speakers as they explore what it means to be a “possibility mom” and how it is truly possible to dream BIG for BOTH your family and your business.

In This Online Business Summit You Will Learn:

  • How to Build and Grow a Business without Sacrificing Faith, Family, or What Matters Most.

  • How to Follow Your Dreams AND STILL be There for Your Family

  • How to Identify What You Are Good At and Turn That Into A Business

  • How to End the Cycle of Long, Frazzled Days, Where All You Have Energy For Is

    Netflix and Wine In Bed


Learn What is Possible with Discernment, Faith and Strategy!

Join Lisa and top experts as we explore true possibilities of owning a business without sacrificing what matters most!

Here's what we're going to cover:

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The Possibility Mom Conference

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"You CAN be a great mom and pursue your dreams at the same time." 
- Lisa Canning


Want more peace?

Are you a mom who feels called to run a business, but aren't sure if this is something you can do while being a wife, mom and homemaker at the same time? Do you have trouble with discernment, or do you struggle with feeling confident a business AND a family is what God wants for your life? This Summit is for you!

Want a plan?

Do you have big ideas but don't know where to start? Do you wish you had a guide to tell you what to do? The content in this conference will help you to get MOVING and give you practical skills to finally START or GROW your business with success.

Want more joy?

If you're feeling overwhelmed, burdened, frustrated, or just plain stuck in a rut, there's a whole lot of joy in the content of this Summit. If you need a bit of positivity, some practical skills, and a whole lot of fun, join us.

We are in a unique time in history where the internet allows for an incredible amount of freedom for a mom to pursue her dreams, and be home and present to her children at the same time.


And while it might take a great deal of creativity, strategy, and ingenuity for this to happen well, what I hope this conference does is cast vision for what is possible for a mom who has faith that if this is God’s plan for her life, that there are possibilities for how this looks!


Lisa has been featured on The Today Show, Hallmark Home and Family and The NY Times.


Lisa has been featured on The Today Show, Hallmark Home and Family and The NY Times.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Possibility Mom Business Summit completely online?

Can I access the conference from my tablet, computer or mobile device?

Who are some of the conference speakers?

Will the Summit happen LIVE or be prerecorded?

Who is this Summit for?

The Possibility Mom Business Summit is designed for moms who are open to the call God has for their lives. Lisa Canning is a Catholic and a trained Catholic Coach, and is joined in this Summit by experts who are Catholic, Christian, and other backgrounds. The Summit is open to all who are open or curious to including God in the plan of their life. 

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