Be a Great Mom & Pursue Your Dreams​

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YES! I want to be a great mom AND pursue my dreams

Ever feel like you have lost your purpose since becoming a mom?


Tired of juggling all the things and feeling pulled in so many different directions?


Tired of feeling so tired all the time?


Fed up of feeling overwhelmed in motherhood and wish there was another way?


Join Lisa Canning, bestselling author of The Possibility Mom (as seen on Today, Hallmark Home and Family and NYTimes) and many other speakers as they explore what it means to be a “possibility mom” and how it is truly possible for a mom the be a great mom and pursue her dreams at the same time.

In This Free Online Conference You Will Learn:

  • How to Destroy What's Holding You Back So You Can Live the Life You Want

  • How to Follow Your Dreams AND STILL be There for Your Family

  • How to Identify What You Are Good At and Turn That Into Purpose  

  • How to end the cycle of long, frazzled days, where all you have energy for is

    Netflix and wine in bed



Motherhood does not have to be the death of your dreams. It can be where your dreams flourish and come to life.


The only thing separating you and your most ideal life- are the skills and the tools to get there. 


Join Lisa and top experts as we explore true possibility in motherhood!

Conference Speakers

  • How to Destroy What's Holding You Back So You Can Live the Life You Want with Author Katherine Wintsch

  • How to Get Out of Survival Mode For Good with Self-Worth Strategist January Donovan

  • Why Motherhood Is Not the Death of Your Dreams with Speaker Leah Darrow

  • The Truth About Time Management  with Author Laura Vanderkam

  • How to Grow Your Family and Grow Your Corporate Career  with Podcast Host Bett Lucas

  • Why Taking a Pause Does Not Mean You Are Giving Up On Your Dreams with Blogger Stephanie Weinert

  • The Secret to FINALLY Stop Yelling At Your Kids with Parenting Expert Sarah Rosensweet

  • Plus so much more from:

    • Kristin Andrus

      • Sarah Walker

      • Amanda Morin

      • Nicole Caruso

      • April Herndon

      • Amanda Teixeira

      • Emily Kearney

      • Jennifer Pike

      • Susie Albert Miller

      • Mona Corwin

      • Maria Boersma 

      • Rebekah Price

      • Ellen Twomey

      • Elissa Tiprigan

      • Hafsa Rana

      • Anna Argiropoulos

      • Kim Christenson

      • Stephanie Stavros

      • Andrea Henry

      • Dacia Scali

      • Joanna Venditti

      • Heather Davis

      • Keka Dasgupta

      • LaToya Frazier

      • Rebecca Hay

      • Christy Largent

      • Laura Cafik-Martin

      • Adele Collins 

      • Marlene Spence 

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